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[ Intermediate/Advanced Workshops - group ]
[ Online ] [ Semi-private ] [ Private ]

Beginner and Advanced Beginner Lessons - Now on Facebook!!
 New concepts are introduced at every lesson. We use official ACBL books written by Audrey Grant.

Intermediate/Advanced Workshops

  • No-stress, over-the-shoulder presentation
  • Printed material
  • Six preset lesson hands
  • Declarer play & defense techniques every session
  • Question & answer session
  • No partner required
  • "Director Please" segment, active ethics & more
  • Choose from a list of topics or suggest one of your own


"Excellent handouts enhanced by clear explanations!" - Michelle

"This workshop was fabulous! The materials were great!"  - Dale

"The handouts, continued instructions and supervision were done well!"  - Sara

"Learned defense in no-trump. Materials were helpful."  - Gary
"Things done well: supervision, hands, answered questions, explained material, handouts!"  - Gayle

"Would like to be Jeanni when I grow up!"  - Wendy

"Workshop surpassed my expectations!"  - Marion

"Thank you for being such a great teacher.  Your explanations are clear and concise and the manner of presentation not only covered the given topic but reinforced other skills as well."  - Frany

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Online Play or Online Lessons

Improve your bidding, use of conventions, defense play, declarer play, or take the opportunity to experience a tournament; all from the comfort of your home!!  
  • All hands are saved on Bridge Base Online (BBO) exactly as played.
  • You will receive immediate feedback and answers to your questions online during the game, by phone and by email.
  • The cost is only $50 for one hour of play.
  • Choose from one of the following options:

Option 1. Play with Jeanni as your partner in BBO Duplicate game or tournament.

Option 2. Have Jeanni observe and analyze your game while you play with a partner of your choice. You may share the $50 fee with the other players.

To make arrangements for an online session, contact Jeanni at jeanni@bridgejeanni.com
or call at 954-803-1477.

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Semi-Private Lessons

The content and level of a semi-private lesson may be determined by the student.  It may take place at a mutually agreed location on a specific topic using practice hands and handouts or they may be in the form of a Workshop. Please check the list of topics or feel free to suggest a topic not listed. The cost of a semi-private lesson will depend on the number of students interested in taking it as well as the selected location.

For more information or to make arrangements for semi-private lesson, contact Jeanni at jeanni@bridgejeanni.com or call at 954-803-1477

Private Lessons

The content and level of a private lesson may be determined by the student.

a. It may take place at a mutually agreed location on a specific topic including handouts.

b. It may take place by playing at a Bridge club with Jeanni as your partner.  Analysis of each hand and suggestions on how to improve your game will be provided. 

c. It may also take place online.

For more information or to make arrangements for a private lesson, call Jeanni at 954-803-1477 or e-mail Jeanni at jeanni@bridgjeanni.com

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