·         Convention Card

·         Balancing – When to balance & when not to balance

·         Two over One Game Forcing System- 1NT forcing, opener’s rebids

·         Strong Artificial Forcing 2C System- 2H, 2D & other responses, establishing a trump suit, interference

·         Weak Two Bids- The Modern Approach – 3rd and 4th seat weak two bids, weak two’s in competition

·         Opening two-suited hands

·         Notrump- 4-Way Transfers

·         Opener shows a maximum hand- Reverse, jump shift, 2N rebid & second bid by responder

·         Help Suit Game Tries

·         Michaels, Unusual NT & interference 

·         The Losing Trick Count- Improving your judgment
Law of Total Tricks

·         Who is in Charge? Do I have to bid again? How to be a good captain

·         Suit Raises in Competition, 2NT & cue bids

·         Weak raises

·         Doubles – TOD, Negative, Responsive, Reopening, Redouble

·         Notrump in Competition - Rubensohl, Runouts

·         New Minor Forcing, Checkback Stayman, New Major, 4th Suit Forcing, Diamond Tool

·         Modern Raises- Jordan 2N, Jacoby, Inverted Minors, Splinter, Passed Hand Drury

·         Slam Bidding – control-showing cue bids,1430 & Gerber

·         Defense – count, attitude & suit preference signals
Opening Leads against Suit & NT contracts

·         Play of the Hand ( Strip & End Plays)
How to play a notrump contract.


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