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Bridge at Sea with Jeanni

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  Cruise on Westerdam
11/1/09 - 11/8/09

- Jeanni, who proves again she is still the best. Never forgetting to mention the great teachers from which she gathers her knowledge of the game. Thank you Jeanni for being the wonderful person you are. And to Paul - thank you for helping “this” all happen. - Doris Kroll & Ed Boyars

- (Jeanni), you are A top notch Bridge Teacher -
 Art Beach

- The bridge was fun! You were fantastic as a teacher (and I'm not just saying that to be nice), you're method of teaching was both fun & memorable. You had energy & were enthusiastic about sharing so much of what you knew-not just trying to 'follow a planned lesson' --- I enjoyed your stories and how you put them into 'play'.... maybe it was the intimacy of the group - but I'd like to think it was you!
Playing with strangers is rather new to me - I haven't had many bridge partners, so it was kinda fun to play in a 'non-threatening' group setting.
 I hope we can do it again. - Diana Leone

- Loved the lessons, duplicate, socializing, meeting new friends and of course a trophy made my day, week and year. Thanks for all the planning. I know it took a lot and we have lots to remember and study. Love - Fran Pinto

- I loved your lessons and the bridge. -
Rita Wolfson

- Jeanni, I just want to thank you for the wonderful lessons on the trip, even though I can't remember a lot of the things you taught. I appreciate all your preparations and organization as it made for such smooth sailing. See you soon and thanks. -
Iris Bohan

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